08 YZ 250 Fouling Plugs

by C.J
(California, USA)

I own a 2008 Yammy 250 two stroke which is a weapon and a bag of fun to ride. I've always ridden Yamaha's as they're known to be a quality bike and I've never really had any problems with them apart from the usual wear and tear.

However, for a while back I kept chewing through the spark plugs and fouling them. After changing a couple of them over to new ones and trying a couple of different brands, I found out it was fouling because the fuel mix was too rich. I wasn't running the actual fuel ratio too rich as I had it at 40:1 which is pretty standard but a mechanic took a look at the needle in the carby and changed it around... Wallah! No more fouled plugs.

She runs like a dream now and I don't have to worry about running out of steam while hitting jumps. Just thought I would share this with other 2 stroke riders to try and save you from ripping out your hair like I was.


- Thanks for sharing Cam. As a two stroke rider myself I know how frustrating it is when they foul plugs (not to mention scary when it cuts out as you're leaving the lip of a jump). You're right about the carby settings, these need to be checked if it keeps chewing up plugs.


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