11 Year Old Knock Out

by Triston
(Neosho, MO)

Hi my name is Triston and I am 11 years old. One day while I was ramping my dirt bike, I decided too see if I could go higher than ever. Went up to the very top of my driveway and got ready. Shifted into gear and took off, still shifting gears until I hit the last one. Just as I was beginning to stand up I hit a huge rock and got the speed wobbles. I wasn't prepared to hit the ramp and I couldn't turn away. Then I hit the ramp and as I flew through the air I was scared as can be. I hit the ground and bounced over the handle bars slamming in my right arm and landing in front of the tire, the dirt bike hit my head (luckily I had a helmet on).

It smashed into my head and then I was out from a combination of hitting the ground and getting hit by a dirt bike. The next thing I know my dad was asking me if I was okay. I said yes, and went inside to lay down. When I looked at my dirt bike I had realized that it had rolled from one handle bar to the other.

- Good effort Triston. Can't say I ever knocked myself out at your age. Watch out for those rocks next time aye..? ;)

Hayden -

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