1991 CR 250

by Chaz
(New Zealand)

I owned a 1991 CR 250 years ago and loved it. I loved the top end on it. The powerband would kick in smoothly and draw right out. And it had plenty of grunt for hills which would come in handy, spraying dirt on my mate on his KDX 200 while passing him many-a-time. It was also reliable and cheap to maintain but most of all a whole lot of fun to ride!

I've also ridden some of the latest CR 450's and I reckon they're pretty awesome too. I personally think the 450's are much easier to control than the old two-stroke 250's especially when it comes to wheelies down the beach! But I'm a bit gutted that Honda aren't making their two bangers anymore cause they had some of the best out there.

I read in an article that Honda were all about making 4-stroke engines and have been trying to get away from manufacturing 2-strokes for a long time. Why would they want to do that? I reckon Mr Honda needs a sitting down and a good talking to... or a bloody good roosting! Wake up and smell the premix burning old fella and give us both types of bikes we love. At least some companies can still smell it. And may they live long...


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