1992 Husqvarna WR 360

by Dave

I picked up this bike for a good price off a guy I knew. It's a monster. Most people whinge about the kick start being short and difficult. Yes it is but not once you get used to it.

This model came with a swing arm mounted side stand. Big deal you say.... yes it is if you are a bit of a short arse like me. So after a bit of modification and fabrication I am now able to start my bike without a tree nearby or a fence post which is handy when it spits me off in the middle of a paddock.

It's got stacks of grunt and the power range is fairly low for a two stroke. It is a bit scary (actually I'm nervous every time I get on it) but I know I'm alive when I kick it in the guts on a straight, corner, anywhere!

Pros: Old school two stroke with truck loads of power. Road registrable.

Cons: It's a bit tall for me - but so is everything else ( I used to have a tt600 back in the 80's before going back to road bikes).
Mixing two stroke.
Swing arm mounted sidestand.
Skinny seat.

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Nov 04, 2010
Me Too!!
by: Hank

Bought one myself! Had a new KTM 200EXC ('09) which was one of the best bikes I've ridden, but had to sell due to financial crunch. Was thinking of getting a '91-'92 YZ250WR, which I had ridden when they were new, but learnt they weren't road registerable and most of my riding is in state forests, so that was a must.

A friend of a friend had the Husky sitting in his shed and after some persuasion let me have it. I rate it right up there as one of the best! Even at 18 years old it is fantastic with a great power spread for the bush and sweet handling! It has had the rear shock rebuilt recently and the forks and I replaced the ball joints on the shock. It is a very good example of one for it's age and I can't get enough of it!

I mainly ride with a '09 KTM 300EXC and a '08 KTM 525EXC which I have no trouble holding my own with. In fact, my mate says I'm quicker on the Husky than I was on the KTM. Downside is starting (it takes a bit of practice and a sturdy side stand), and finding parts. Real men ride big bore two strokes without an electric leg!

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