2 Stroke All The Way

by David Morgan

After growing up from a young kid to an adult riding a 2 stroke, I always thought they were the only true motocross bike to have. Then came the 400f, the first true 4 stroke motocrosser. Everywhere you went, all you would hear is that the 4 stroke was the future. So what did I do? I went and bought one.

I do have to say going from a 125cc 2 stroke to the 400f was a massive jump in power. Although the bike felt really heavy, I just thought that was what I had to put up with when stepping up to a bigger bike. I owned the bike for a good few years and I have to say I did think it was the best motocross bike money could buy. The memories of the powerband faded, until a mate gave me a go on his 250cc 2-stroker.

What can I say! I was hooked and didn't want to get off. The machine was faster, lighter and so much more exiting to ride, and I'm left thinking... why the hell did I go to a 4-stroke in the first place?

The 4-stroke is now gone and I ride a 250 2 stroke, and although I miss the very useful engine breaking, my 2 stroke beast is so much more fun and exiting to ride. And that's what we all ride motocross for isn't it? The fun of it!

I really don't know why people say 4 strokes are better. All I know is after trying both, I personally find if it's fun and excitement you're after, there's only 1 winner, 2 stroke all the way!

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