2 Stroke Market

by Grant Fulton
(Louisville, Mississippi, USA)

Sadly, the 2 stroke appears to be wasting away to the world of 4 strokes now. I agree with the entire article and everything that has been said. The only problem that I see is, how can we get all of the producers to dump loads of money into the R&D of the 2 stroke? We have to face the fact that the 4 stroke is doing extremely well in the reliability and performance aspect of racing. That is one problem that I see in bringing the 2 stroke back.

A good question to all the producers is why take all the money that is going to the 4 strokes that are doing so well and put that into the field of 2 strokes? A field that is now practically dried up (except KTM).

I personally am a die hard 2 stroke fan.

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