2 Stroke Over 4 Stroke Any Day

by Josh

Hi I'm Josh.

I'd like to have my 2 cents about this topic. I ride a 99 Suzuki RM (2-stroke obviously) and I love it, it goes so hard I got no complaints. When I go riding thrashing around with other riders the 4 strokes just don't compare to the 2s. I mean yeah they are still good to ride and good for the hill climbs and slow maneuvering through trails, but nothing I really can't do on my 2.

I've hit it next to a guy on a WR 450 on a straight run at the quarry it did ok but I had the upper leg on him too easy.

About emissions I'm not too sure how bad 2's are compared to 4's but I'm sure it's not a massive great deal. My Suzuki blows a little smoke at first start but it soon clears pretty quickly.

All in all I'm gonna stick with the 2 stroke. When I watch motocross, hearing 4 strokes go round the track just doesn't sound right. They don't scream or smell like a 2 so I hope manufacturers decide to keep them in the market otherwise I won't be as happy when it comes to upgrading.

Hope u others agree. Thanks for reading. GO THE 2-STROKES!

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