2 Strokes and 4 Strokes Are Good For Their Own Reasons

by Drew Chapman
(Chilliwack BC, Canada)

I feel the phasing out is simple (sorry little conspiracy theory here) PARTS! The head has approx 1000% more parts, machining and specialized labour involved. Manufactures have money and only that in mind. Business is not about what people want, but what they will buy. This seems negative but business runs and is fueled by it.

Now environmental, lets face it, think about the pollution the factories produce on all those parts that don't even exist on 2 strokes. For the fumes or exhaust - they don't tell you that 2 strokes don't produce much more air pollution. Yes burnt oil is hard on mother earth but not to the extent that is where it has gone. People need to see that one of the biggest air emission polluters in the USA is lawn mowers.

For what bike is better, there isn't in my opinion. I feel some people cant handle change. I like the fact that we have choices. Both engine cycle bikes have advantages and disadvantages, just like a shoe or chocolate bar. Have both and there is no worry. I guess people need something to talk or whine about. A bike is a bike, if you ride them, love them all.. it's a bike.

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Nov 23, 2009
Four Stroke Conspiracy Theory or Downright
by: Jeffrey Flick

Hey Drew.

I too agree that the Japanese companies - mainly Honda & Yamaha - have already phased out the 2-strokes. Yes I know Yamaha still makes the 85cc, 125cc & 250 2-stroke, but for how long? Remember it was Yamaha that started this 4-stroke crap in 1997 when they slipped their still non-production YZ-400F into Supercross racing with Doug Henry due to some bogus AMA manufactured rule!

KTM already had several off-road 4-strokes that they used in European 4-stroke ONLY races. But when the AMA allowed a 550cc limit for 4-strokes to compete against the 250 2-strokes, and then ironically when KTM used their 540cc 4-stroke & started holeshotting every race, the AMA changed the rules again & made it legal to race 450cc 4-strokes which is still an unfair advantage.

In 2002 Honda brought out their 4-stroke CRF-450R which was a "money pit" for race teams in of itself. By 2005 & 06 Suzuki & Kawasaki didn't have much of a choice if they wanted to compete with Yamaha & Honda on equal terms - they had to stick with the status quo. By now the BIG FOUR have seen the writing on the wall - or should I say the money in their pockets! Now they are definitely motivated by "pure greed"!
I HATE to even comment on the enviromental BS. I mean come on we're talking about closed course Motocross & Supercross bikes. NOT the hundreds of commercial jets that fly every single day in our skys or the thousands of coal & nuclear power plants that spew poisonous gases in the air worldwide.
I do however agree with you somewhat Drew when you stated that "You feel some people can't handle change", and I also like the fact that we as consumers have choices. But this doesn't take away the fact that two major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers namely Honda & Yamaha, essentially changed MX & SX as we know it. And definetly NOT for the better because the new & upcoming MX/SX racers DO NOT & WILL NOT have an even playing field at least until the corrupt AMA changes the rules so companies like KTM, HUSQVARNA & possibly MAICO are allowed to produce modern and bigger bore 2-strokes to compete with the 450 4-strokes.
I know KTM has the technology to build a direct injected big bore 2-stroke that would definitely give any Japanese 4-smoke a run for their money. And that's what I would call "CHOICES".

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