2 Strokes Are The Best, Because of This..

by Connor Mawhiney
(Ozark, mo)

2 strokes are easy to maintain.

- Compared to a 4 stroke, the modern 2 strokes have nickel plated cylinders, which wears out the ring instead of the piston and cylinder.

- On a 4 stroke, you have to mess with the carbs much more, and you have to worry about valve timing and clearance issues more.

- With a 2 stroke, you can have a lighter bike that is 3 times as much fun to ride, and have a bike that has a history background to it.

- 2 strokes can have just as much if not more torque than a thumper. Exhaust power-valves alter the height of the port and give you a lot more low end power.

The 2 stroke will never, NEVER die... but only improve over these harsh times of 4 stroke revolution. The 2 stroke will pull out of this recession, and come back with a bite, thanks to KTM who are still making them. I appreciate them for doing so.

Imo I would rather take off a head, cylinder, pipe and piston to do a rebuild. They are easier to work on, and much more can be done to a 2 stroke than a 4 stroke.

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