2 Strokes Are The Bomb!

by Douglas Trimner



Nothing else compares to the sound and performance that comes out of a two stroke dirt bike. They're super-tough, light, easy to work on, and a lot cheaper to keep running top notch!

I really miss the ripping noise they make in a motocross race. I do a lot of rough terrain riding and have noticed how good my buddies do on the 4's. But I've also noticed that they tend to stall easily in tight places, such as on curvy hill faces, where me and the other 2-strokers just rip on by.

I'll end with this. One of my buddy's could have almost bought a brand new 250 2-stroker for what it cost him to rebuild the top end of his 450f. I paid $140.00 to do my top end last summer in my CR250r.

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