2 Strokes Easier For Me

by Ryan
(Alberta, Canada)

I grew up riding on two strokes. I currently ride a yz250 two stroke.

Last summer I borrowed my buddies rmz450. I found that I got tired quite fast. But what really bothered me was how heavy it felt in the air. Maybe it felt that way because I was taking it easy or because it was my first time riding it, but my yz250 feels much more nimble in the air.

Another deal I noticed with the 2's is way less maintenance. My top end blew {crashed and stuck in full throttle} it cost me 300 dollars to rebuild. Where-as my friends 450 not only needed constant re-valving adjustments, but also seemed to eat tires and chains way faster than what my 250 does.

One thing I must say though is the 450 needed 0 clutch fanning and was not fussy what range of the throttle you were on for power. But a powerband on the yz is very fun!

Either way I think 4's will rule the day. They are all fuel injected now and need no dialed-in carbs or altitude adjustments.

In the meantime I'll keep my two stroke.

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