2 vs 4 - Industry Technician & Rider

by Remi

Hello, I thought I would share my thoughts on the subject. I am a 20 year technician and lifetime rider of both 2 and 4 stroke machines. From a maintenance standpoint the 2 stroke really shines. Changing the top ends on these are easy and fast when they hour out (hour meter - buy one), whereas the 4 stroke requires more engine knowledge in regards to timing and valve clearances. Not to mention more parts and higher prices.

From a riding stand point the two machines offer some differences. For me as a woods rider the differences are these: The 4 stroke can tractor or lug up steep inclines and engine brake down them, but is heavier thus wearing you out faster. The two strokes are lighter and tend to feel a lot more nimble. Without engine breaking you can carry faster speeds for better momentum on inclines.

Finally I service my bikes after every ride. I spend less time and money on my 2 strokes than my 4 stroke machines, but both are fun and have their attributes. Bottom line, what is your riding style and where are you going to be riding? You will notice hard Enduro riders switching out between the two.

My current machines: Honda cr500, crf450r, husqvarna wxc610, te300, ktm 200mxc, 450excg.

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