2 vs 4 - Right vs Left

Thanks Hayden

You have a great site, and I really loved that article on two strokes versus four strokes. I have other passions like I love soccer and hate rugby, hate auto transmissions and love manuals, and I also think that if we are to judge which is correct out of left hand drive and right hand drive, one of them must contradict itself since both systems use the right hand and/or right foot for the accelerator.

I think there is no controversy about the fact that everything is designed for right handed people, and just like the violins and right handed guitars are designed to cater for the spatial right cerebral cortex which controls the left hand, and in the case of the violin the bow hand is the verbal right hand from the verbal left cerebral cortex, so also gear changing is spatial and throttle control and even steering is more a verbal or articulate skill, thereby making the contradiction between a right handed person using the sides of their brain that are natural to it when playing the violin but doing the opposite when driving left hand drive.

This could also account in part for why people in left hand drive countries have a higher percentage of auto transmissions than right hand drive countries.

Having said that have a good day,


John Bayne

- Cheers for the unique take on this subject John. Interesting..

Hayden -

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