2004 Honda crf230f - Ok But Heavy

by Cameron Iliffe
(Paxton, Cessnock, NSW - Australia)

My 2004 crf230f is good but it doesn't have a lot of grunt. The farm fork seals are always leaking and the bike is too heavy. The bike only has small problems and it doesn't have any big problems, so it is an alright bike. With a crf230f you can't do them up either - like you can't get v-force-3 reeds.

Two strokes are fun to ride but I wouldn't want to have one. I have been with Honda since I was 4 yrs old. I've had a xr50, crf70, crf80 then a crf230f. I'm 12 yrs old and when I'm 14 I want a crf250x.

- That's a few bikes under your belt already Cam. The crf250 will be a nice step up from the 230. When you get it, make sure you let us know how it is.

Hayden -

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