2004 yzf450 - Faster Than A Cut Cat

by Moose!
(West Auckland NZ)

My first four stroke. Yep decided a 450 was a good option - talk about a poor choice, although mind you I was predominantly a sand rider so the power was great for mowing massive dunes etc.

However... I did not have a proper understanding of how important maintenance is on these beasts. And I also drowned it once which doesn't really help. Shock set up was for a heavier person as well.

Tried to ride on hard pack a few times but nearly tore my arms off! Still had many a good time on the West Coast on this bike.

It had high comp piston and an after market cam/exhaust so it went like a cut cat. DO NOT FLAT CHANGE! Once the gear box goes it's toast unless you fully rebuild. $$$$$.

Lots of fun had and many lessons learned. Conclusion: if you're going 4 stroke, buy a new one and be good to it. Happy riding everyone =)

- Cheers for sharing Mooooooosssseey!

Hayden -

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