2005 Yamaha YZ 250 Not Working After Pressure Wash

by Dave
(New Jersey)

Hello and thanks. I just bought a 2005 Yz 250 great condition, ran awesome all day. Brought it home, pressure washed it - now no spark. Yes the compression is great, I changed the plug, then popped the boot off the spark plug stuck a screwdriver into in and held on - no spark, even in total darkness.

Could it be I got something wet? Or maybe I need a new coil?

This is my first bike so thanks for you answers.

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Nov 29, 2012
by: jordan

My 04 yz250f did the exact same thing. How did you get all the crap out of it and where is all of the crap?

Nov 30, 2011
It's Fixed. Solution Found. Here's How..
by: Dave G.

I removed the crank case cover and let the air out, then by the end of the day it had spark. I then put in a new spark plug, choked it and tried and tried to start it. Another new plug and still nothing. Finally got fed up and took it to my mechanic. 45mins later it's running like a champ.

How it started was to pull it around the yard. It started, bogged then finally blew out all the crap I loaded it with and this thing "runs wild" once again! My mechanic gave it the once over, checked compression, air filter, carb, everything, so I got off easy for $60.00! As a new dirt bike owner I learnt to take it easy with the pressure washer and to start it as soon as I'm done washing. Wish everything was this easy!

- Hmmm. Interesting. I can't see how taking the cap off the crankcase would affect whether it has a spark or not. It sounds like to me you forced water into the carby - probably by blasting water into the airfilter box. There's no doubt you blasted water somewhere where it shouldn't have gone. I guess once you forced the water out of the system by turning the engine over (roll starting) - your bike started.

I rode my bike through a heavy river once, when I got to the other side it died. I kicked and kicked until it finally started but it took about 20 mins. My mate rode his YZ426f through the same hideous river and killed his bike. The only way we eventually got it started was by asking some dude on a quad bike to tow him up and down the beach. It did start again but he needed the mechanics to work on it to get it running properly again. Water had got into the air filter box and was then sucked into the engine.

On a final note: Yes you're right.. be careful with water blasters when cleaning your bike. Check out my tips on How To Clean Your Dirt Bike. It ain't rocket science but you do need to be aware of a few things so you don't damage your beloved bike.

Hayden -

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