2005 YZ250F Suspension Set Up Issue

by Jerry
(Burleson TX)

I bought a 2005 YZ250F and the suspension set up was horrible - it beat me to death. It would launch very well and double easily, but it lands like a rock and would not corner! I've got the bike to where it corners and handles great and feels good, but now I've lost my launch - no distance and the nose of the bike wants to shoot straight up skyward!

Not sure if I need to stiffen the front rebound or soften the rear rebound? Any help would be greatly appreciated! It's so close and I don't want to go the wrong way!

I love the Yamaha product - especially the 5 valve design, not much valve problems with this motor - it's a monster - love it!

- Hi Jerry. Yea that's a nice bike for sure. If your suspension is stock I would mark down the clicker settings so you can always revert to it, and then set everything back to the middle. That's always a good place to start, and then from there just make small changes each time so you understand and feel how the changes affect the bike.

If you are much heavier or lighter than your standard rider you may need to change the rear spring as this can put the front end out if it's the incorrect size.

Personally, I would ask someone at my local shop, preferably a suspension specialist, to help set it up for me because once you've got it right you can note the exact settings and make only small adjustments for different terrain if necessary.

Remember there is always a compromise to be made when tuning your suspension - what may help your bike handle better when cornering may not help it absorb heavy landings from jumps etc.. If anyone else has some good advice, please feel free to comment.

Hayden -

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