2006 TTR125LWE - Great All-rounder

by Dave
(Sydney, NSW, Australia)

2006 TTR125

2006 TTR125

The 06 TTR125LWE came fully equipped with electric start which makes things so much easier when you stall, or take a break on a slope or hill. The power is very smooth, in first gear you can creep it out at a crawl pace or you can dump it as fast as you can handle. The gearing is generally down low but is there when you’re in 4th or even 5th gear.

This isn't the ideal supercross bike, it weighs over 112kg with fuel and oil, and lugging it around corners isn't the easiest thing to do.

Once you get used to the bike you can quickly and easily learn some tricks which can help you out in cases, such as riding the clutch rather than letting off the throttle if you want to get out quickly from a corner.

The suspension is easily adjustable with a few tools, and the height can be raised or lowered (about +/- 25mm) very quickly in about 2 minutes. One negative thing about the suspension is the stock settings are very soft. In fact just braking suddenly or quickly can bottom out the front forks, but this can be adjusted and fixed if you spend the time setting it up properly.

We did have one incidence with the choke cable/button, it seemed to have seized up (in the carb.) due to a brief amount of inactivity and had to be replaced. To prevent this now and again we used a bit of WD-40 to keep things from seizing up again.

The seat was very comfortable, made of a very deep plush sponge - you could easily ride it all day long. It's not the type you find on motocross bikes. The bike can easily accommodate tall riders, I myself am 6ft and was quite comfortable on it. Everything about it was just smooth, from braking, to the suspension.

The bike was very quiet and great for a backyard ride. The muffler kept things under wraps and the engine itself was very smooth, you could really tell it was a solidly built, quality four-stroke.

I would highly recommend a TTR 125 for anyone looking for a bike to ride around on trails, tracks, backyards or wherever, which is little fuss to maintain and a great all rounder. It's a convenient size as anyone can ride it with little discomfort.

- Great break-down and explanation of a very versatile and user-friendly bike thanks Dave. Good luck with winning the graphics kit!

Hayden -

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Oct 05, 2011
TTR 125 - A Great Little Bike
by: Mike Brice

Hi there Dirt Bike. It's great to have you here online, and to be involved with the BIKE LIFE. The TTR 125 is a great little bike, and with a set of lights on it you can go to your local shops.

I started out on my first bike back in 1979 - 15 years of age - it was my birthday on Christmas eve.. I know - not easy! But my Grandad was riding a Yamaha RD 250 twin - nice bike and boy did it GO.

Back to the story - so my Grandad said to me on my birthday "go out and have a look in the shed.." Well there it was, a red Garelli 50 v cross. Man I was so happy! Best ever Christmas I had ever had. Many thanks to my Grandad who was riding up till he died.

So I'm still riding - 32 years later, and I love it. It's my life.

Mike Brice - IRELAND.

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