2007 Unused Yamaha TTR 230

by Hershey Squirt

My local dealer has a 2007 Yamaha ttr230. I can get a good deal on it, but am hesitant to buy a bike that has been sitting around for four years. Are there any suggestions/experience with these types of bike purchases?

- In my opinion there's absolutely nothing wrong with an unused bike that has been sitting on the showroom floor for a long period of time. I know a few people who have taken advantage of unsold stock. My current YZ 250 had been sitting on the showroom floor for 2 years before purchase. If you can get a good deal for it (which you should) then go for it.

You want to make sure you take care of a few simple things before riding it though..

1) Change the oil and radiator fluid.
2) Change the fork oil and seals - you could get away without doing it but it will perform better with fresh oil.
3) Grease the axles, swingarm bolt and steering head bearings.
4) Lube the chain and sprockets.

It should ride like a brand new bike once you've given her a bit of TLC - at a fraction of the cost of a newby! The only thing that won't swing in your favor is the resale price as it will already be considered an 'old' bike. So if you plan on holding onto it for a few years I wouldn't worry about it.

"Hershey Squirt...?"

Hayden -

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Nov 29, 2011
2007 TTR 230 - Nice Bike
by: Claude Newman

I recently purchased a 2007 TTR 230 that was barely used. The front rotor had no wear as well as the sprocket and tires which appeared to be original equipment. You might need to invest in a new battery as they don't age well. I paid $2000 for it. A 2012 model sells for about $3899 here in California.

Other than being cold blooded and taking a long time to warm up, it's a great trail bike. Since I've just turned 50 the bike is perfect for me. It is very light and easy to ride. It's not really made for jumping or racing but it does good on trails and hills. I'm quite happy with it overall.

Sep 12, 2011
Good Trail Bike
by: ryan426

The TTR line up is great for trails. Great bike for the "weekend" rider. What they're not good for is FMX (freestyle) motocross, and hitt'n 70' doubles. My wife has an '03 TTR225 and loves it.

- Ha! True.. I'm sure Seth Enslow could throw it off a 70 foot double though!

Hayden -

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