2010 Husky wr 300 Choking In Creek Crossings

by Jessica

Twice now when fording creeks during enduro/hare scrambles my bike has sputtered out when climbing over the bank to get out. I check the air box which is a little wet but I wouldn't expect it to drown. Usually takes up to 20 minutes to get her restarted. Any ideas? Bottom drain hole to blame?

- Hi Jessica.

I've never experienced this problem personally but I've heard of it happening. Apparently the cause is to do with the carby breather tubes that dangle toward the bottom of your bike. If they become submerged under water they may not be able to do their job properly, causing the air/fuel mix ratio to change, which in turn will cause your bike to cut out.

Try redirecting 2 of the 4 tubes up into the air box. This should solve the problem. Many enduro riders have tried this and claim it works.

Another thing to keep in mind is to NEVER try starting your bike while the carby tubes are submerged in water. This will suck water and crap into the carburettor.

If it happens again try tipping your bike on it's side to drain the carby of any fuel before you start kicking her over again. This may help.

If anyone else has had similar problems and has found the solution please leave a comment.

Hayden -

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May 22, 2011
2010 Husky wr 300 Choking In Creek Crossings
by: KyOrange

The carburetor will not "suck" water when the vent tubes are submerged. They will however NOT let the fuel flow into the float bowl of the carburetor, causing fuel starvation. To "fix" this issue, route the float bowl vent hoses, into the airbox or under the fuel tank, or some other higher point on the bike. There are "kits" to be purchased for this type of mod, but it can be done efficiently with little effort and some rubber tubing and a few "zip ties".

Been there done that... If you need to spend less than 20 minutes cranking your steed next time through the water, pull it to drier ground, give it some choke, and off you go!

- Thanks for your input KyOrange. In regards to the water being sucked up through the vent hoses.. I'm not one to argue something that I haven't experienced first hand, however I've heard from other riders that this has happened to them ONLY when they tried kick starting it in the water with the tubes submerged. I might just do it to find out for sure ;)

Hayden -

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