2010 KTM 105sx - Best Bike In Its Class

by Dustin Ring
(Alberta, Canada)

Overall the bike is the best in its class. It may not be the biggest or most competitive class out there, which is why I am glad that KTM has put effort into designing this bike. It's more powerful than my last beloved KX100, but skinnier and lighter, allowing you to weave your way through those foot wide goat trails - handlebars mere centimeters away from trees as you rip up a mountain.

The only real manufacturing error that I had to deal with was that in the mountains with the high elevation, the bike went through spark plugs quicker than me with a pack of smokes. Minor considering all that needed to be done was to drop the pin in the carburetor.

Put that aside you get a light yet powerful bike that offers control and complete dominance over any and every other bike in the class.

Oh plus the graphics on it look like crap.. "KTM meets Ed Hardy".

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