2011 Maico Beasts

by Ed

British-based Maico are apparently releasing a dirt-dredging, fire-breathing range of two strokes for 2011. They are producing some majorly overhauled dirt bikes including 250cc, 320cc, 380cc, 500cc and 700cc! The 500cc and 100hp 700cc will surely only be for the riders with a few screws loose as they will have some serious arm wrenching capabilities.

It will be interesting to see how good they really are when they hit the showroom floors, but it sounds like they are about to unveil something quite unique and ahead of the 'rest of the pack'. They are now linked to some formula 1 manufacturer who are helping them with aircraft type materials to use for the frame and engine parts.. sounds sick!

It's great to see companies like this channeling their efforts into two strokes. They obviously believe in them otherwise they wouldn't bother.

Watch this 'Maico space'..


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May 27, 2014
Sorry This Post Is Old But....
by: Jeff Flick

I know what I'm posting on here is old news but I'm just livid that a screwball fake company that called themselves "Maico International" deceived a heck of a lot of diehard Maico fans as well as potential buyers like me!!! Had I known they were a fraud I would have ordered a 500 off of Koestler in Germany but I ended up buying a KTM-300xc off of a legit company because I needed a great 2-stroke to ride in the woods & really didn't want to wait for one to be shipped to the U.S. from Germany?

Maico Int. was advertising their so called new Maico dirt bikes since 2010?! They were supposed to come out in 2011 and then 2012, 2013 etc. But of course they claimed legal issues were keeping them from getting to the United States? The legal issues they had were simply that they were illegally using the "MAICO" name instead of simply building the bikes under their own name?

Also the crap they were feeding us about so called F-1 technology was actually what BMW owned Husqvarna was doing & I believe that MI was using that as a sales technique but it was hypothetically stolen from then BMW owned Husqvarna?

Mar 22, 2013
Vincent Page - Get It Together
by: Anonymous

Now that is funny but yes Kostler is Maico and John Caldwell of Canadian Maico OWNS THE NORTH AMERICAN COPY WRITE.

Mr page of Maico International is nothing more than a circus clown with a good idea as far as the bikes go. As far as the business end goes he is a piece of work. That would be why Dirt Werx never got them as they would be returned or destroyed at customs.

To get a new model legit talk to Canadian Maico. Mr Caldwell is the real deal and has a good relationship with Kostler. I wish Mr page would just play ball and do things right/legally as I would be a dealer if he didn't expect me to smuggle them in the country.

Feb 13, 2013
Personal View
by: Steve southampton

I have ridden Maicos for the last 20+ years on and off and I currently ride a 1981 400cc. They are great bikes with a dedicated following who turn these machines out at the twin-shock events in fantastic race fettle.

These machines are amazing in my experience. I love my bike and it's a joy to ride. I just hope that we can keep these machines on the tracks for years to come but we are totally reliant on honest suppliers selling quality components at fair prices. Some of the crap I have bought in the past really pisses me off!

Also some of these so-called new Maicos with all the billet bling look shite, like the ones I viewed at the recent Telford show. Best to keep them original as the factory produced, with concealed go faster parts.

Mar 20, 2012
by: Dimitri

Maico International is a joke. They talk and talk and that's about it. Axel Koestler is the guy in Germany that builds the Maico brand.

Jan 01, 2012
No Maico's In The States
by: Anonymous

The only thing I don't like about Maico - and I really hate this about them, is I can't get one in the states.

Oct 17, 2011
Where Are The Maicos?
by: Anonymous

I just wanted to comment that I have always loved Maico dirt bikes & the fact that they have always dedicated their R & D to developing 2-stroke dirt bikes! However since this new British Company "Maico International" has taken over building updated Maicos I have yet to see a single bike for sale in the United States nor any marketing done since Maico Int. has supposedly taken control of the once iconic brand!

Another thing that has me really confused is why is Axel Koestler of Germany still building & selling German Maicos out of his shop in Germany? Isn't he the man that salvaged Maico from going out of bussiness all together? He is still selling German Maicos on his website & from what I've read about Maico Internationals bikes is they are NOT allowed to build Maicos in the original color red due to some legality?! I'm not sure what those legalitys are but it makes me wonder if what Maico Int. is doing is something crooked or illegal? I doubt if they are involved in illegal bussiness but NOT seeing any bikes being marketed in the U.S. just makes me wonder what in the heck are they trying to do?

Quite frankly I'm a bit pissed off & if I didn't just purchase a new 2011 KTM-300xc & wanted a new Maico I would definetly contact Axel Koestler in Germany & buy one off of him!

Any updated info on the new British Maicos would be greatly appreciated!

Jul 02, 2011
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