2-Stroke MX Revival

by Tyler Mark Wilson
(Houston ,MS ,USA)

While 4-strokes are currently dominating the starting gates at local tracks and televised superstar events, the 2-smokes are slowly reemerging. Where and who you might say? Well the next time you're at one of your local weekend warrior races take a look around the pits, listen to that familiar 2-stroke ring a ling ding ding. You'll find that more of your average Joe Shmoe string racers out in their 1970 something model pickups are riding these machines.

I mean come on you know that sound will scare the socks off a 4-stroke rider. And now that the new car smell has worn off people are noticing that they've drained the fun and skill out of the sport. Ask any veteran rider and they will probably tell you that a 2-stroke is a blast but they're so much harder to ride than a 4-stroke.

The thing is that a 2-stroke makes a rider work for a win, and a 4-stroke is just knowing how much throttle or brake to give it. Riders have gotten lazy and don't want to earn their good time.

Another thing is everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses. In other words if James Stewart or Chad Reed is riding it then I have to have it. So more or less it's about looking cool and not what's the best bike for me. Or maybe riders have just got more money than they've got sense?

I mean you can buy a 2-stroke cheaper, overhaul it cheaper and fix it yourself with simple cheap common tools. And with a 4-stroke your pocket book has to catch the stomach virus and barf its guts out, then when it breaks you have to take it to a mechanic and pay hundreds in labor expenses. You can spend $300.00 dollars on a 2-stoke and completely rebuild it.

So yes people are definitely turning to 2-strokes because of price and fun. And I believe the 4-stroke is just a phase that will eventually fizzle out, and new and greatly improved 2-stokes will reign again. But I believe the 125 and 250 classes will not exist, I believe it will be a 150 and 275 class or something like that.

Because 2-strokes are better bikes in cost, ride-ability, and fix-ability the 2-stroke has a bright, bright future.

Tyler wilson
Houston, MS
Age 16
2000 Honda cr125r, #75

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