2-stroke traitor :)

by Matt
(Salem, OR)

Hi all. Yes, I am a traitor! My first bikes were 2-strokes and a lot of fun. My last 2-stroke was a 1985 CR250R I bought for $850.00 and rode every penny out of it.

I had nine years after I sold my CR to decide what I wanted, when it came time to buy another bike, I wanted a 4-stroke as close to the CR250r as possible. I bought an '05 CRF450X - best purchase I have ever made - also the most expensive dirt bike I've owned. Yes, there is more upkeep and now you have to watch out for bad gas sitting in the carb too long, but when you get on the bike and hit the "start button" and take off lifting the front off the ground in first, second and third without trying, it puts a smile on your face that stays for days after you ride.

So, the difference to me between 2-strokes and 4-strokes is, "I really liked my CR250R but I love my CRF450X."

Hi Matt. Yep, the CRF450X is a mean bike. And how easy is it to do wheelies on?! You gotta love that. You should however try riding a modern 2 stroke 250.. I'm pretty sure you will be impressed with how much better it is compared to an ancient 1985 model! Completely different bikes.

Hayden -

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