2-Strokes For Life

by Christopher Coleman
(Kansas City, MO )

As a motorcycle Technician I get my hands on a lot of bikes. 4 strokes can be great, when they're running well. With the new high end MX bikes, you're looking at double the maintenance and cost of a similar 2 stroke.

EX. a RM125 needs new piston rings at 6 hrs, piston at 10, inspect the crank as needed - "race use". A RMZ250 needs the piston and rings replaced at 8 races, the same time that the valves need to be adjusted, and springs replaced. Crank inspection at 8 races, with new clutch plates at 6 races. This is straight from Suzuki, not just something I made up. With all that extra money spent on parts just to keep it breathing, I could have new gold valves forks and shocks, ported intake and ex ports, and enough money left over for some really nice amsoil premix.

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