2-Strokes Were The Beginning

by John Shook

I agree with this. I wish top manufacturers would work on better improving their 2-strokes, even though they don't need anything else to beat a 4-stroke bike. It's sad how they just throw it out the window, 2-strokes were the start.

I have a yz-125 and I was dragging 450's on an actual drag strip, and it was close, but I could continue to score several different 450's. That's pathetic in my opinion. No telling how bad a 250 would beat them if they could hook up. Ha, that's why people don't like them because it's too much power and they just spin the tire because they don't know how to put the power to ground without going crazy.

I think it would be a different world for those AMA's on a 2-stroke. Some could benefit from all the torque and others would just be f#*%ed.

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Oct 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

This is a well written blog thank you.

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