4 Strokes Are As Good As 2-Strokes

by Jordan Puttick

They are perfect for the newer dirt bike riders. They have higher torque than 2 strokes and they have twice the fuel economy and yet still have a smoother ride.

Other than that I love 2 strokes. I think they are mad powerful screamin' machines plus they have the acceleration, but lose the advantage on the top end side of things. But in dirt biking that isn't very important.

4 strokes are better for long distance drag racing and 24 hour endurance racing because of the practicality and the higher mpg.

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Sep 21, 2009
4-Strokes Only Have More Torque When Bigger
by: jeff flick

Jordan, just to enlighten you a bit.. 4-strokes of equivalent engine size DO NOT have more torque! I assure you that a YZ-250F does not have as much torque as a YZ-250 2-stroke and the 250f is also down on horse power. The YZ-250 2-stroke has 10 more HP than the yz-250f!

You said it right in your second paragraph that 2-strokes are mad powerful screamin' machines and they have brutal acceleration to say the least! In your first paragraph you mention that the 4-stroke has twice the fuel economy and that just may be true, however I would rather spend a little more money on the cost of fuel than have to spend $800.00 + to do a total rebuild on a 4-stroke after the engine blows after three or four weekends of racing!

You say 4-strokes are perfect for newer dirt bike riders in which case I might agree if that new rider is about 5 or 6 years old. But if they are older they should learn on a screamin 2-stroke so as they don't become lazy and careless from riding a small, weak and forgiving 4-stroke!

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