4 Strokes Are Far From Superior

2 strokes have the following advantages over 4 strokes...

- More power (Obviously, that's why 2 strokes specialize in a thing called powerband)

- Starts easier (I can kick my cr125 into life by the 2nd attempt, but a little 125 4 stroke I leave with my leg muscles 2 inches thicker)

- Cheaper than 4 strokes (A 125 2 banger can keep up with a 250 4 stroke. And most 125's cost about half as much)

- Easier to repair (With no valves and other components there's less to go wrong)

- Cheaper to repair (2 stroke engine components still go for less than the power equivalent 4 stroke parts)

- Lighter (Because 2 stroke 125's can keep up with 4 stroke 250's, and having an engine half the size and with less components, they can be a good 10-15 kilos lighter. Even 250 2 strokes can be 5 or so kilos lighter than 250 4 strokes)

4 strokes have the following advantages over 2 strokes...

- More bottom end power (This is essentially the only area where 2 strokes fall to a 4 stroke)

- Less pollution (Yes I know, but really, it had to make the list. Anyways, who really cares about pollution when your flying across the track with the engine screaming)

- More reliable (4 strokes are more reliable than 2 strokes. Well it depends how you look at it. Because a 2 stroke piston can spin up to twice as fast as a 4 stroke piston, you need to replace the piston twice as much)

- More controllable power (Many people do like the power you can predict, rather than it just kicking in and almost throwing you off)

When you balance up the two, why are the 2 strokes being outlawed? 2 strokes must live on.

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Dec 18, 2010
Hmmmmm.. Torque?
by: Anonymous

I don't know about the comment on torque. I've personally ridden both cr500 and a xr500 and the cr had scary torque everywhere. Now I couldn't tell you what the actual numbers are on the two bikes but seat of the pants they were worlds apart. I haven't had the chance to ride any of the new stuff. Maybe someone else who has ridden the new 450 stuff will chime in with a comparison?

Aug 10, 2009
Try a Bigger 2-Stroke!
by: jeff f.

Anonymous you are wrong when you say 4-strokes are more reliable! They do go through pistons a bit quicker but they are a lot cheaper on a 2-stroke!

If you aren't satisfied with the power of your 125 2-stroke try riding one of the three awesome 300cc 2-strokes such as the Gas Gas EC-300, Husqvarna's WR-300 or one of KTM's 300xc or xc-w's. I can assure you that any one of those bikes WILL satisfy your thirst for torque!

Aug 02, 2009
by: Anonymous

Two strokes are not being outlawed - that is a myth. Rotax of Austria builds a 2 cylinder e-tec direct-injected 2 cylinder 599cc, which is used in their ski-doo sleds. Half of this engine would make a 300cc single engine with approx 56hp. Oil consumption would be much less than conventional 2-strokes. As well it would have much cleaner emissions and one kick starting. Rotax owned by bombardier, also supplies motorcycle engines for BMW and Buell. If BMW requested Rotax to build such an engine it would be a niche dirt bike, but could be the start of a revival of the two-stroke.
R. John Mckinley

Fredericton, NB.

My bike - GasGas

300 ec/ 07

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