4 Strokes Are For Lawnmowers

by Brandon

I've raced since age 5. I'm now 25, and during those days if you showed up with a 4-stroke at the motocross track you were not doing something right - and magically by the next race.. walla presto you went out and bought a 2 stroke like your buddy had.

Back in the day the 4-stroke didn't have the suspension or the power to keep up. It takes 250cc 4 stroke to hang with a 125cc 2 stroke. My point here is the new 4 stroke is bred from years of testing and r&d whether people like them or hate them. You can't even buy a brand new 2 stroke even if you wanted to.

I too love 2 strokes but it's about new bikes and what's going on now. Everyone around me has these 4 strokes that are loud, annoying and seems like they can't get them started or are working on the head or valves.

I'll never forget the 2 stroke motocross years.

- Don't fret Brandon. KTM, Gas Gas, Husqvarna (to name a few) still make brand new, sparkling, beautiful 2 strokes for all of the powerband lovers out there.

Hayden -

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