4 Strokes Are The Future - Like It or Not.

by Trent

For the average rider maintenance is not an issue for 4 strokers. I've owned them now for a while and have really done nothing to my 4 stroke. This maintenance issue is really bunk.

I think in the age we are living in we are lucky just to ride with all the environmentalists around. Soon all recreation vehicles will be a thing of the past. The four strokes are cleaner burning so they are 1 step in the right direction.

As far as performance goes the debate goes on forever. A friend of mine who has raced motocross in excess of 25 years had a 250 2 stroke Yamaha. He was always faster than I until I bought my 250 4 stroke. What he said was I'd consistently pull away from him coming out of corners. He said "every time I get on the gas I spin. I notice that you are rolling out of corners and hooking up better. You pull about a bike length coming out of the corner." Within a few weeks of me passing him he returned to the track with a 450 4 stroke.

- Thanks for your thoughts on why you prefer 4 strokes Trent. As you can probably see the amount of people in this whole 2 stroke vs four stroke thread that are favoring 4 bangers are a bit on the thin side. And most people that write in to support four-strokes don't have anything valuable to say.

Traction seems to be a definite advantage for the 4 bangers. And when it comes to maintenance I know people who say they don't do much to theirs either, but I think you'll find they are owners who buy new bikes then sell em off before having to do any major overhauls. Nice if you can afford a new bike when needed!

Check out "the future of two-strokes page" in regards to the modern 2 stroke engines and environmental concerns. It's def. a good read.

Hayden -

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Dec 12, 2009
2 Strokes Need To Clean Up Their Act!
by: Anonymous

I have always opted for a 4 stroke because I have found them to be more economical in terms of milage. I have not had much of a maintenance problem with the 4 stroke. I have run mine for years and the machine kept going till I finally had to sell because some thiefs were stealing fuel by cutting the fuel line from the engine, which in my bike was exposed.

Now I have a 4 stroke that is a scooter and I don't have the fuel line exposed and so it solves the problem. But I am glad that my new 4 stroke has a catalytic converter which my old bike did not have before. This is not possible with a 2 stroke, they cannot have a catalytic converter put in because of the oily exhaust.

Here in the city that I live there are lots of 2 stroke scooters going around and they sure stink, they are noisy and give off a lot of smoke especially whilst revving. If you are unlucky enough to have to wait in traffic behind a 2 stroke bike you will surely wish this technology were revised or done away with. But unfortunately it will take a few years to see the end of this engine on the roads and this means a lot more pollution to breathe in our cities.

I have a brother who uses synthetic oil (which is twice as expensive as normal oil) in his 2 stroke bike because he claims it is cleaner for the environment. Well, I have seen the emission from his bike and after a few years his bike gives off almost as much as with the normal oil.

Cant these 2 strokes have their emissions reduced?

Nov 08, 2009
Do Your Study
by: Anonymous

Alright, let me tell you this. THE FOUR STROKES ARE NOT THE FUTURE! Go look at the Evinrude out board motor, it's a 2 stroke that's FASTER, QUICKER, CLEANER, AND QUIETER THAN EVERY SINGLE FOUR STROKE OUT BOARD OF IT'S CLASS! The new Ski-Doo 600 is a two stroke and it is the fastest, quickest, cleanest, and quietest snowmobile out on the market today, and guess what... they're all 2 strokes.

KTM and Maico are the future of the sport, those two companies are the ones that actually study up on the 2 stroke dirt bike saga, and they're succeeding. The only thing that's gonna stop the four stroke revolution is fuel injection to the 2 strokes. Because it will create more power, torque, and it will be cleaner and faster than every 4 stroke it will compete against.

Nov 05, 2009
YZ 250 Needs Some Meat
by: Jeff Flick

Hey Trent you need to let your buddy on the Yamaha 2-stroke know that he needs some NEW meat on the rims of his Yamaha 2-stroke! Yes I know 2-strokes spin more than 4-chokes but I don't know how you beat him on a 250 4-stroke unless his 2-stroke Yamaha was not a YZ-250 and/or your 4-smoke was built to the hilt and his 2-stroke was ragged out and needed a top end job.

I've beat 400cc & 450cc 4-chokes on my RM-250 & KTM-300xc in straight up drag racing in the dirt. Tell your buddy good luck with his new 4-stroke. He just may need luck in a year or less, although if it's a Yamaha or KTM 4-stroke & he takes really good care of it he will probably be alright.

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