4 Strokes Are Worth More To The Factory

by Leon
(Mackay, QLD, Australia)

I don't know how many of you's have thought about this side of it but with 4 strokes needing to be rebuilt all the time - making more money for the company who makes the bike - why sell a bike that isn't going to keep earning you money when you could sell a bike that's going to need a grand worth of parts a year?

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Jul 30, 2010
4 strokes Killing The Sport
by: Coen

As you say, the only good for 4 strokes is their benefits for the factories. But at the same time they are killing the sport, because no little kid is able to buy a used 4-stroke and keep it running without a lot of money. As you know, it is not if a 4-stroke breaks, but when..

A used 2-stroke mostly needs a new piston set and it will run for a long time at about 150 dollars. Haven't we learned that simpler is better? And for mother nature, building a 2-stroke is also better because you do not need as much material and energy as needed by building a 4-stroke.

And last but not least, 4-strokes need more c.c., is that because they are better?

Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Holland.

- Hi Coen. From Holland? Awesome! It's great to have a truly international flavor contributing to this site. As we say here in New Zealand.. Thanks Bro.


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