4 Strokes Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

by Nicholas Stockert
(Memphis TN)

The 2 stroke is better because if you look at the development of 2 stroke engines since, well let's just say late 80's to present day 2011, there has been barely any development! While the 4 stroke gets all the development money and takes all the glory on AMA TV Racing.

If they developed the 2 stroke with 4 stroke intensions the 2 stroke would be 10 times better present day than its now 'undeveloped' tech, which makes it only about 10% better than 4 strokes at the moment and not 10 times better.

The main development problem is the compression of fuel mixture which we all know is done inside case. If there was an "EFI" system to properly pressurize the fuel mixture this would free up the case in order to have constant oil instead of oil fuel mixture in current models.

If "EFI" could and did exist I think it would still need oil/fuel mixture with oil inside case, or this would most def. overheat considering single stroke combustion, unlike 4 stroke double stroke combustion. Also, if "EFI" was developed the excess blue exhaust smoke would be reduced considerably because the intake and exhaust ports would not be open together for that fraction of a second which causes excess blue smoke out of 2 stroke exhausts.

And that's why 2 strokes are better, because they have not developed much in 25 years while the 4 stroke has been robbing Peter to pay Paul, and yet in 2011 the 2 stroke can beat any comparable cc. engine size (not power/ weight like AMA RULES yz250-yz450f) on most any style racing.

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