4 Strokes Started Off as a Joke And Will Finish The Same Way

by Tom Misev
(Victoria, Melbourne, Australia)

Yes overall 4 strokes are easier to ride with their more controlled and smoother power delivery which is very forgiving around the track except at high speed. And that is their big downfall, they just don't have that same aggression as a 2 Stoke which at high speed allows you to point the bike were you want.

On a fast muddy rutted out track (with easy jumps, I'm not a good jumper) I'll still destroy any new 4 stroke 450 rider with my old KX250, 2000 Model. I've gotten myself out of so much trouble on my 40 acre farm track that would definitely not have been possible on a 4 stroke. 2 strokes will make a comeback as soon as the 4 strokes hit their peak and then can go no faster. The 2 Stroke will come back and stamp it's authority on what is its home ground - VERY FAST MOTORCROSS! All you 4 stroke guys who can't handle real speed, your time is limited.



P.S OK 4 Strokes are still pretty mad!

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May 18, 2012
Personal Preferance and Rider Ability
by: Alan

Well I have 50 bucks saying that I'll take you out on my KX250F. You know how I know? Based on your comment, and your lack of knowledge, and lack of proper reasoning, I put you at 20 years old. And me at 37, has more seat time than you.

If you get used to riding a 4 stroke, you will be as fast as any guy that is used to riding a 2 stroke. You don't use the maximum power any bike has between your legs, I know that. So if a 4 stroke doesn't hammer quite as hard out of a corner, I (the guy who is used to riding a 4 stroke) will hammer it a little earlier, and exit the corner as hard as you do. So get off your hate train, and ride what you like to ride.

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