4 Strokes Win Hands Down

by -Anonymous-

Four strokes are definitely better! I'm not putting the 2's down but 4 strokes are powerhouses. Not only do they have speed but they have power. 2 strokes just have speed. If you were to race a 2 vs a 4 on sand tracks, a 4 stroke would win hands down.

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Apr 07, 2009
No 500 For You.
by: cr80 rider

Not to make you feel bad or anything, but obviously you never rode any two stroke bigger than a 450, because a 500 would kick the CRAP out of that thing on sand, dirt (soft or hard packed), clay, grass, or mud (depending on the mud).

But really, do you know why local motocross tracks are being shut down? It's because of the farting growl noise coming out of the motor. And when you said that the 2's dont make power... think again, because actually a 2 stroke motor that is the same cc as a 4 stroke actually creates more torque and horsepower. Plus on the 4 you have so many moving parts that it weighs a ton.

My uncle has a "sandbike" 500, and the rear tire on that thing is so WIDE that even when the tire's spinning at a high RPM, the tire will still grab more than the 4 stroke. TRUTH.

Jan 01, 2009
Please Man!
by: Anonymous

I'll put a good soft-terrain Bridgestone tire or a regular good ol' sand tire on my Maico 620 & show you how wrong you are!

With all due respect, 2-strokes kick ass in the sand, on hard pack, rocky terrain, mud & just about anywhere if you know how to ride the beast! Not to put 4 bangers down totally but they belong on the street with 2 or 4 cylinders.

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