4-Strokes Should Stay And So Should 2-Strokes

by John

I think yes keep the 2 strokes alive, that way people won't get sick of the 4 strokes. Come on people use your heads... if they ban 2-strokes and everybody goes to 4-strokes people will get sick of seeing a 4 stroke everywhere they go and never hearing that high pitch pissed off bumble bee sound.

I love hearing both bikes, plus let's say you're a motor head like me and you want to compare: yes it is a fact that 2-strokes are cheaper to rebuild. $400 for a 2-stroke and sometimes in the thousands for 4-strokes - just depending on what happened to the 4-stroke motor.

Both bikes have their ups and downs. I think 4-strokes are better for trails and not so good on jumps, and have better power to the ground because the power isn't everywhere as it is on a 2-stroke. And that's what people don't like about the 2-strokes, they're not very good trail bikes. 90% of the time your buddies will be watching you push your bike up a hill that's wet that other 4 strokes just crawl up.

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