500cc Nutter

by DJ
(Astoria OR)

OK so everybody has this "my 2 stroker is faster than your 4 stroker" and "my 4 stroker is faster than your 2 stroker".

Going to make a fact and point so let's take a 08 crf 450 which has 48 hp and 40 fpt vs a 2001 cr 500, 55 hp and 48fpt which was last year of production - and we are talking stock vs stock. Only reason seems like the 4 stroke's are faster off the line is because they put the power down to the ground, and 2 stroke power is everywhere.

Another fact is comparing 7 year difference crf 450 to a last year cr 500 - talking about a $8000 bike to a $1500 bike and it still can't beat big red! That's sad. Now if they put all that money into let's say a kx 500 or cr 500 then no 4 poker would stand a chance, and here is my point I'm going to make now.. It took 4 strokes 25 f#$&@$g years to catch up to a 2 stroke and just now they are kinda starting to catch up.

Put the cr 500af on the track with the crf 450s then see what happens. We have dominated for 25 years people and still the 2 strokes are still on top of a lot of shit.

I mean I have a 1990 cr 500, it's detuned a little and has 500 hours on a stock motor that I fully rebuilt. And not just a top end, like everybody says "I rebuilt the motor". There is a difference when people say they rebuilt their motor, most of them mean just top end and have never done shit to it but change bottom end oil and clean the air filter once in a while.

My buddy has a 04 crf 450 and he only has 60 hours on it and has had to do 6 valve adjustments in 6 months. The new bikes are nothing but money scams - period.

The newer cr 500s and even the kx500s are not the meanest as they detuned the newer big bore 2 strokes because so many people killed themselves on them. Yes the newer cr 500s and kx 500s do compete well with 450s because they are detuned. The older cr 500s and kx500s are the raw power. I know because I have 3 big bore 2 stroke's.

I have raced the 1990 cr 500 aginst my buddy's 04 crf 450 and his bike has 14 tooth sprocket on the front and 49 tooth back while my cr has 15 front 52 tooth rear and I beat him about two bike lengths. If I put the same rear sprocket on as him I would beat him pretty good and that's my detuned bike. So my point is some of you people are saying the new 4 strokes are better or have more torque, geez you guys better get the facts right!

The older kx 500s and cr 500s have more torque then a xr 600 or 650. I know a 6hundy has more torque then a crf 450. The meanest years of cr500 are 85 to 88 and meanest year's for kx 500 86 to 88. You don't have to take my word for it, ask around, read up you will see. And there aint no 450 that will even come close!

Cc vs cc of course the blue smoker will always win hands down unless it's on the track because it's manageable power and there are very few people that can ride a big bore 2 stroke to its full power on the track. Heck not too many people can ride a crf 450 to its full power on the track.

And if people think that the crf 450 or the kxf 450 is bad it doesn't have shit on the ktm 505 or the husky 510. Those are the baddest 4 stroke's on the market besides the Aprilia 550 but you never really see much of those bikes because most of the new generation are just pansy's.

- Hmm.. Not everyone wants their arms ripped out of their sockets D.J. Why don't you send in some pics of your three beasts?

Hayden -

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Jul 31, 2013
You're Wrong
by: Anonymous

The ONLY reason 2 strokes are not popular today is because of the AMA.. period. Rule changes and cc handicaps have forced the public to buy 4 stroke if they want to race competitively. What sells dirt bikes? Motocross. Here is a detailed article that every rider should read.


Mar 18, 2013
Nitrous Button
by: Chris Rogers

Totally agree, 2 strokes are the most violent power rush ever, that just by simple design advantages will always be better power makers cc for cc than 4 strokes. In a few years we will have a harder time making people understand than we do now just due to fact that so few people will have first hand knowledge after the enviro's take 2 strokes off the globe completely.

Your horsepower numbers do not totally reflect the "right now" rev happy way 2 stroke power comes on. Yes they make more at peak but if you are a first timer you had better be ready when the power band hits or the bike is going forward without you.

Unlike a 4 stroke that has a progressive "build up" of power, the 2 stroke behaves like you hit an invisible nitrous button every time, over and over in every gear. And it's that character 4 stroke engineers are still looking for.

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