6 One Way Half dozen The Other!

by William H
(Glendale, Arizona)

I ride an 09 CRF 450R, and it's an awesome machine. I also ride a 2000 CR 250R. The 450 fuel injection makes for real smooth power all over the place. I've owned it since new in 09 and have probably spent around 2k keeping it running, but maybe only 1k of that on the engine, with 3 Valve adjustments and 1 top end. I beat the hell outta that bike and it keeps going. I do change the oil with pro honda every single ride, and oil filter every other ride, and tranny oil every other ride. Maybe a bit much but it's got 250 hours on it and it fires right up every time.

I do know guys that have spent 11 or 12 hundred on complete head rebuilds, machining and new valves, springs, seals, gaskets, or even head replacement. It is definitely more expensive to keep running than my 2 stroke.

I've owned the CR since new in 2000, and have only put 2 top ends in it and it has more hours than my 450. Last time I put a top end kit in, the cylinder was in good shape, no scoring, or warpage past the service limit. Taper and out of round were within service limit. That bike fires first kick every time.

My verdict is that I like them both, I like the 450's smooth power, and manners but the costs are a lot more than the 2 stroke. In 2 years it's cost me about 1k in engine and valve work, and the 2 stroke has cost me about 600 in 10 years. I like the 2 stroke more for trails these days, it's an excellent trail bike for me. I do see some people on 2 strokes smokin 4 strokes at the track sometimes. It's more rider than bike in any situation though. A good rider an a 2 stroke can and will keep up with any 4 stroke.

It's preference. If you have the money to spend, sure get a 4 stroke. If not, don't worry about it, keep riding your 2 stroke. I would like to see a 400 or 450 Direct inject 2 stroke out there someday, that would be a better match for the modern fuel injected 450 4 stroke. Emissions and efficiency would also become on par with a 4 stroke.

Bottom line is I like em both, I always will.

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Dec 13, 2010
Like What You're Putting Down
by: martizzle

I think your opinion is probably the most objective I have read in this debate. I couldn't agree more.

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