31 October '09 - Issue #011

First of all... my apologies for the lateness of this ezine. I'll save you the excuses and just tell you I had some difficulty getting online. I hope the last month has brought you some good times involving dirt, bikes, and what ever else makes living fun and enjoyable.

I talked about beginning a new section on my site for freestyle MX jumping tips. Unfortunately this ones gonna have to wait a bit as my pro MX rider seems to have jumped the planet and disappeared! Oh well, plenty more where he came from so just keep an eye out cause it's coming...

You may have also noticed the site navigation has changed lately. I've cleaned everything up to make it more user friendly.. but you probably didn't even notice or care anyway did you?

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  • New pages that have been added.
  • A summary of what's been happening this month in the world of dirt bike news.
  • Vid of the month.

If there's anything you want to see in the future on dirt-bike-tips-and-pics please let me know through my Contact Me Page.

Remember you can have your say on any of the pages that have a submitting form at the bottom of them. It's easy to do and it helps make this site more interesting and dynamic for everyone. If you want it published as a page you have to make sure your story has a bit of guts to it though, two sentences won't cut it sorry.

Something a little different for the clip of the month. How nuts are these guys and how grunty are their bikes?! Hill Climbers

New Pages

  • If you're looking for finance to buy that dream new bike of yours take a look at my latest page full of tips and advice that could save you money. www.dirt-bike-tips-and-pics.com/dirt-bike-finance.html

  • For all of you who ask me "which bike should I get?" I've built a page just for you! This should help steer you in the right direction when considering buying a new bike. Check it out here.

  • I've begun the long journey of adding tracks to the U.S.A Directory. Please be patient with me on this one - it's gonna take a while! But when it's finished it'll be worth it. U.S.A Directory.

  • The Two Stroke vs Four Stroke pages are still gathering comments and opinions from all ages from around the world! Get in there and have your say and see what all the fuss is about.

  • The Future of Two Strokes page has received its regular, two new exciting entries. Keep updated with the latest technical insights.

Here are some highlights of what's been happening on my News Page...

  • Team America (no not the movie) has taken out the FIM Motocross of Nations.

  • Mike Mason Wins ASA World Championships of FMX.

  • James Stewart takes out supercross of Paris Bercy

That's me for the month of October, I'll make sure I get the next ezine out on time on the 30th of this month. Feel free to drop me an email to share your thoughts.

Keep Riding


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