31 January '09 - Issue #002

Bonjour fellow riders! Welcome to the 2nd edition of the Monthly Dirt E-zine.

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  • All the updates and changes including new pages - in a nutshell.
  • Another summary of what's been happening this month in the world of dirt bike news.
  • A joke to attempt to lighten up your day.
  • And a repeat vid of Robbie Renner performing a launch into orbit! - (for those of you that didn't get the link in the last issue)

I hope you are getting plenty of dirt riding done, I'm certainly not. But being stuck in the French Alps is not the worst place in the world. I just have to substitute riding my dirt bike for riding my snowboard. Tough life...

For those of you who like taking photos of your riding, why don't you head to my Dirt Bike Pics page and send us your favorite picture with a description of that moment. You don't have to be doing Robbie Maddison sized jumps, so don't be shy.

Looking at the brighter side of life... Did you hear about the sad story of the poor dirt bike rider who was in a terrible racing accident? When he came out from under the anesthetic, the doctor was leaning over him anxiously. "Son," he said, "I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that you were in a very serious accident, and I'm afraid we had to amputate both your feet just above the ankle." "Nooo!" gasped the patient. "What's the good news?!" The doctor smiled and said, "The fellow in the next bed over will give you a good price for your boots."

Here's what's happened to dirt-bike-tips-and-pics since the last issue...

  • I've added a few more tracks, clubs and parks to the world-wide directory - If you're looking for a place to ride check it out! World Wide Directory.
  • I've joined up with Gary Semics and his awesome new, download-able MX training and tips dvd's. If you truly want to improve your riding then learn from the best. Dirt Bike Riding Tips.
  • I've added Ebay Live Auctions to many more pages including the Motocross Gear Pages.
  • The future of two strokes page has been updated with more juicy information on where this whole revolution is heading.
  • And of course my Motocross News Page has a ton of new photos and competition results - get into it!
  • The latest pages to have been added are...
    Neck Braces - Information on neck braces and different brands.
  • Motorcycle Trailers - Info on purpose built dirt bike trailers and what to look for when making or buying one.

    Take 2... check out Robbie Renner doing his thing on a quarter pipe... crazy!

    Here's a few quick highlights of what's been happening on my news page...

    • Crazy Man - Robbie Maddison set another world record on new-years eve by jumping 100 feet on top of the replica Arc de Triomphe and then stepping down off it at the Paris hotel.
    • The U.S. Senate is poised to act on a massive package of public lands bills that would shut motorcyclists out of more than 1 million acres without adequate public comment.
    • The U.S. trade representative has decided against imposing any tariffs on certain motorcycles imported from Europe in a trade dispute over beef. If this had passed, a 100 percent import duty on certain European goods - including motorcycles with engine displacements of 51cc to 500cc would have taken affect.
    • Coma continues his charge to overall victory in the Dakar with a commanding lead of one hour 29.

    Holy cow, another month down... I hope you're enjoying the first few editions of Monthly Dirt. If there's anything in particular you would like me to include in this e-zine or on my website, please feel free to let me know. See ya next month.

    Keep Riding


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