31st December 2010 - Issue #024

Happy New Year's Eve!

Here we are again at the end of another turbulent year. A lot has happened in New Zealand and around the world - good and bad - but through it all we do our best to keep riding don't we? I just feel lucky to be able to own and ride a dirt bike as many of the readers of this site can't for various reasons. But they read about them, watch races on T.V, read magazines about them and dream about one day riding one. I was one of these people once upon a time but instead now I dream about where I will go riding next and becoming a better rider. I'm not sure what it is exactly that makes us so infatuated with this sport, but if I had to choose one word, I would say FUN. I do it because it's fun. And chances are if you've stopped having fun with it, your riding days are limited. Sell your bike to someone who is currently only dreaming about it. They will thank you for it.

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I encourage you to have your say on any of the pages that have a submitting form at the bottom of them. It's easy to do and it helps make this site more interesting and dynamic for everyone. If you want it published as a page you have to make sure your story has a bit of guts to it though, two sentences won't cut it sorry.

Vid Of The Month.

You know, when I started writing the intro for this Ezine I just wrote as I thought.. no script or pre-thoughts as to what I would say. Then I searched for Vid Of The Month and this is what I found. Perfect. Enjoy. Reasons Why We Ride.

News Highlights From Around The World
  • History made with the return of the Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix.

  • Pics of Chad Reed on his new Two Two Honda.

  • Line up of the Red Bull X-Fighters for 2011. Will it be coming to a town near you?

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I've had a blast riding on various MX practice tracks and free-riding up North through the dunes and on private farms this month. Me and my bro have eyed up a number of natural hill-side jumps on his mates farm that we are going to take to with a spade next time to shape them up. If we can get hold of some rubber conveyor belt to nail down to the up-ramp of one of the bigger ones, we'll have a sweet set up for summer and I'll be sure to snap some pics for ya.

Thanks for your support throughout 2010 and your ongoing interest in Dirt Bike Tips And Pics. Party hard for new years, stay safe and..

Keep Riding,


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