29th February 2012 - Issue #037

It's a leap year! And like February itself.. this issue is short and sweet. How is 2012 treating you so far? I've been getting out most weekends, whether on a MX track, in the dunes or in my backyard just messing around, and it's all good. Last weekend I was given permission to shape up a nice little jump out the back of my house, with the landlords digger. Sweeeeet. You can see the pics and some of our fun on the DBTP Facebook wall.

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Vid Of The Month
I really enjoyed watching this. It's not all cut and edited to perfection, which is what I like about it. What an awesome place to ride. I love the sweet jump at 4 mins 40! Ocotillo Wells Freeride.

'Letter' Of The Month
Less Oil & More Power submitted by Adam from Minnesota.

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  • I've finally updated the last of the dirt bike brands. Check out the 2012 TM Dirt Bikes.

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News Highlights From Around The World
  • All of the AMA rounds covered - including Stewart, Reeds horrific crash, Dungey, Barcia and Villopoto.

  • Ricky Carmichael's Daytona Amateur Supercross Race.

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I'm super excited to be heading to the third round of the New Zealand Nationals this Sunday to watch fellow Kiwi legends Ben Townley and Josh Coppins battle it out. I'll be taking both of my cameras to capture some footage. No doubt I'll post some of it up on Facebook and I'll be making another Gopro Vid from it too. So keep an eye out.. see ya next month!

Keep Riding,


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