31 March '09 - Issue #004

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  • All the updates and changes including new pages - in a nutshell.
  • Another summary of what's been happening this month in the world of dirt bike news.
  • A joke to attempt to lighten up your day.
  • And a blast from the past from one of the greatest motorcycle jumpers that ever lived...

Well March has been a big month for dirt-bike-tips-and-pics.com. Thanks to all you readers out there we're pushing 20'000 unique visitors a month! And it's on the rise... The pages are piling up and there's plenty more to come. A big thanks to those of you that have offered your thoughts and contributions to this site, it's highly appreciated by myself and other riders. If you would like to see a page built on something ex. rider profiles, types of dirt bike sports, other brands of dirt bikes... please let me know through my Contact Me Page. This site has and is being built with you in mind, so I need to know what it is you want :).

Remember you can have your say on any of the pages that have a submitting form at the bottom of them. It's easy to do and it helps make this site more interesting and dynamic for everyone. If you want it published as a page you have to make sure your story has a bit of guts to it though, two sentences won't cut it sorry.

On another note, I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of dirt bike pics being sent in! I know you guys must have some awesome photos lying around the hard drive of your P.C somewhere! Show the the rest of the world where/what and how you're riding. Loads of people are clicking on the 'Submit Your Own Photos' page, so I know you want to see 'em... but where are the pics? Take 2 minutes out of your time right now and send us through your favorite pic at Your Dirt Bike Photos.

A guy was screaming through a bush trail on his dirt bike when the zipper broke on his jacket letting in an annoying draft. Sitting on his dirt bike, wondering what to do, he finally decided to put the jacket on backwards so the broken zipper was at the back. He continued to ride his bike at incredible speeds when he lost control. A nearby farmer heard the crash in the bush, assessed the situation, then called 911 on his cell phone. “I found a dirt bike rider on the trail a few meters from his bike!” he cried desperately to the operator. The emergency operator asked the farmer “Is he showing any signs of life?" "Well," the farmer explained, "he WAS... until I turned his head around the right way!"

Here's what's happened to dirt-bike-tips-and-pics since the last issue...

  • I've added a heap of new tracks and clubs to the Australian directory - mainly in Queensland. If you're looking for a place to ride or you know of a track not listed check out the World Wide Directory. Make sure your local track or club is on there cause there are hundreds of visitors every month using this directory to find out where to ride.
  • The future of two strokes page has been updated with even more juicy information on where this whole revolution is heading. This page is starting to sizzle with tasty, unique information!
  • Dirt Bike Tips And Pics is on the rise! Reaching the 20'000 unique visitors mark is just the beginning. Expect more good stuff to come with pages like the history and latest bike models from Gas Gas arriving this month of April.
  • And of course my Motocross News Page has a whole bunch of updates with what's been happening around the globe. Check it out daily to keep in touch with the good stuff. And remember there's heaps of new, quality photos going up on it daily!
  • The latest pages to have been added are...
    Motocross Fitness - Tips, pointers and ideas on how to get your body in top shape for riding.
  • Arm Pump - What it is. Why you get it. And how you can reduce this dreaded problem!
  • MX Nutrition - Get your inners in shape too by eating the right foods. A good place to begin improving your riding is by eating the right foods.

Check out Evil Knievel here in this clip taken back in 1973. I can't help but wonder how big he would have been jumping had he been riding the type of dirt bikes available to us today?! Pretty bloody impressive wasn't he?

Here's a few quick highlights of what's been happening on my News Page...
  • Chad Reed extended his advantage over Stewart to 11 points in the AMA St Louis Supercross race.
  • The World Motocross Championships have begun in Faenza, Italy!
  • Robbie Renner has been named "President of Plaza".
  • A new European series dedicated to 2 stroke 125cc bikes will be organized together with the World MX1 and MX2 Championships in a total of six/seven events starting in 2010.

Another interesting month down and it's April already! I'm suffering serious withdrawals from riding my MX bike being stuck out here in the French Alps... and it doesn't help to hear that my bro back home has just bought a '09 Yammy 450. So I'm off to hit the snowpark on my board to try and alleviate some pain.

Keep an eye out on my Motocross Fitness page this month as I've been trialing a type of home-based work-out that is so far giving me some pretty impressive results! If it is as good as it's supposed to be I will share it with you toward the end of April. Remember if you have any pics of you and your mates, send 'em in to me on my Dirt Bike Pics Page. Till we meet again...

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