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Welcome to Monthly Dirt, Issue #041 - July in a nutshell.
August 01, 2012

31st July 2012 - Issue #041

Hello Fellow Riders!

It's been a while but I hope you've all been out riding as much as possible lately. We're in the middle of winter here in N.Z so the rest of you on the warmer side of the world must be lapping up the heat and sunshine I'm sure..

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I encourage you to have your say on any of the pages that have a submission form at the bottom of them. It's easy to do and it helps make this site more interesting and dynamic for everyone. If you want it published as a page you have to make sure your story has a bit of guts to it though, two sentences won't cut it sorry.

If you're not overly confident when it comes to swinging some wrenches on your bike, or you would love to improve your bike fitness - you should seriously consider The Garage Manual download. I've created it to be as clear and precise as possible with step by step photos and training videos.

Vid Of The Month
I just don't get tired of watching this guy riding! Man he packs some speed.. Who is he..?

'Letter' Of The Month
KTM Hater Turns To KTM submitted by Doug from The States.

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News Highlights From Around The World
  • Twitch takes gold for best whip at X-Games.

You can keep up to date with all the latest MX & Enduro news from around the world right here..

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Due to other ongoing commitments and a change in lifestyle, this is going to be the last edition of Monthly Dirt until further notice. I'd just like to thank you for subscribing and checking in over the past few months and years - it's been a lot of fun! Please keep checking back in to DBTP and posting on the Facebook wall as I'll definitely still be floating around there. So, until the next edition of Monthly Dirt..

Keep Riding,


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