30 April '09 - Issue #005

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Well, I'll be dead honest with you. I've just spent the last 2 hours writing up what I thought was a great issue of this month, April. I'm sitting at an internet cafe which is about to close in 15 mins now, and as I clicked on the 'send' button.. the network politely told me that I'd taken too long and now I've lost the entire issue! After ripping my hair out for the last few minutes and wanting to release a string of profanity's into the air, I've decided to give you what I can in 15 mins as I won't be around the internet for a week or so now.. so here goes!

Here's what's happened to dirt-bike-tips-and-pics since the last issue...

  • I've added a few new tracks and clubs to the English and Australian directory - mainly in Queensland. If you're looking for a place to ride or you know of a track not listed check out the World Wide Directory. Make sure your local track or club is on there cause there are hundreds of visitors every month using this directory to find out where to ride.
  • The future of two strokes page has been updated with even more juicy information on where this whole revolution is heading. This page is starting to sizzle with tasty, unique information!
  • And of course my Motocross News Page has a whole bunch of updates with what's been happening around the globe. Check it out daily to keep in touch with the good stuff. And remember there's heaps of new, quality photos going up on it daily!
  • The latest pages to have been added are.. Aprilia Dirt Bike Range, Gas Gas Dirt Bike Range and my advertising page.

Check out Todd Potter and the G.O.A.T whipping harder than a Russian escourt!

Remember if you have any pics of you and your mates, send 'em in to me on my Dirt Bike Pics Page. Apoligies for the very rushed ezine this month! I gotta go, this lady's just about got me by the neck!!

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