31 May '09 - Issue #006

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  • All the updates and changes including new pages - in a nutshell.
  • A summary of what's been happening this month in the world of dirt bike news.
  • A personal dig at horses
  • And a video clip that will make you wish you could be the guys in it...

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Thanks to Alfie living and riding in France, I have a new p.c game that I'll review and add to my dirt bike games page this coming month. I'm also looking at doing write ups about different MX and Enduro events around the world which will be very interesting. So make sure you keep checking in.

Remember you can have your say on any of the pages that have a submitting form at the bottom of them. It's easy to do and it helps make this site more interesting and dynamic for everyone. If you want it published as a page you have to make sure your story has a bit of guts to it though, two sentences won't cut it sorry.

Right, here's the personal dig. Horses and dirt bikes don't go together do they?... kinda like cats and dogs. When me and my brother were growing up all we ever wanted was a dirt bike. Our younger sister and mother were into their horses, so as you can imagine the conversations (arguments) around the dinner table were often about the negatives of each others passion. Well, thinking back about those bonding family moments has inspired me to write this...

10 Reasons why dirt bikes are better than horses.

1) A dirt bike doesn't have a brain that has the equivalent I.Q of a wet sponge. Therefore it won't get spooked by any sudden movement or loud noise resulting in a petrified scramble through the neighbours fence and onto the road infront of oncoming traffic.

2) A dirt bike will do what YOU want it to do.

3) Dirt bikes are faster, sound better, and jump higher.

4) If a horse breaks a leg, it's competition days are over, and if it's very lucky it won't wind up in a tin of dog food. If you break any part on your dirt bike it can be easily replaced with a spare part.

5) Dirt bikes won't buck you off when other loud dirt bikes scream past you.

6) After you've washed down your dirt bike you can throw it in the garage, leave it for 6 months and know that it won't be dead when you go to use it again.

7) When a dirt bike is hot and turned on you can tell by the sweet idling sound it makes, not by the embarrasingly long 'piece' hanging down from beneath it.

8) Dirt bikes don't sh#% everywhere, or smell like horses.

9) If you are a male who rides dirt bikes it doesn't mean you run a high risk of batting for the other team.

10) Dirt bikes won't lead you to early insanity by causing you to talk to it as if it can understand what the hell you're going on about!

Here's what's happened to dirt-bike-tips-and-pics since the last issue...

  • I've added a couple more tracks and clubs to the U.K and New Zealand directory. If you're looking for a place to ride or you know of a track not listed check out the World Wide Directory. Make sure your local track or club is on there cause there are hundreds of visitors every month using this directory to find out where to ride.
  • The very popular Future Of Two Strokes page has had a couple more detailed updates, thanks to Tim. If you haven't read it lately, you should! This one concerns all of us.
  • I have an advertising page set up for any bike related companies who want to have a stack of traffic sent their way. If you know of anyone who may be interested, please send them to my Advertising Page.
  • And of course my Motocross News Page is still pumping out the hot, dirty goss on what's been happening world-wide. Check it out daily to keep your finger on the pulse. Remember there's heaps of new, quality photos going up on it daily!

What do you get when you put a whole lot of throttle junkies together with a bit of time on their hands? Creative Madness! Don't try this in your backyard.

Here's a few quick highlights of what's been happening on my News Page...
  • Supercross superstar Jeremy Mcgrath speaks out about his life on a bike in a special interview.
  • Ryan Dungey has celebrated his first race of the 2009 AMA Motocross series with a victory at Glen Helen Raceway.
  • Chad Reed and Ryan Dungey prove to be the fastest riders round the track at Glen Helen on their yellow Suzi's.

That's all from me this month. Remember if you have any pics of you and your mates, send 'em in to me on my Dirt Bike Pics Page. Till we meet again...

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