31 August '09 - Issue #009

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  • New pages that have been added including a bunch of cool pics I snapped at the 2009 FIM Junior World MX Champs.
  • A summary of what's been happening this month in the world of dirt bike news.
  • Ken Block and Ricky Carmichael get funky!

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I'll share a little story with you that happened about 16 years ago. I was being dubbed by my brother on his RM125 around our parents rural property. Now, our Mum and Dad hated (and still do) dirt bikes and especially hated us riding around their property on them. So, on this particular day of disobeying our parents yet again, we were screaming through the orchard when one of Mums favourite chickens - Goldie - got a bit excited when she saw us heading towards her. We weren't aiming for her, and we would have ridden straight past clearing her by about 3m, but Goldie - having the brain the size of a chickens - clucked out her last desperate calls of confusion and leaped directly infront of our line as we rode over her. "BAKERRRRK!!!" Feathers went everywhere and the worst thing about it was she was still running on nerves flapping around the lawn right infront of our house with Mum inside somewhere.

Well, Goldie went to Chicken Heaven that day and fortunately for me and my bro we didn't go to Parent Hell. They never found out what actually happened til we told them about 8 years after. We told Mum it must have been the dodgy neighbour that stole her for a roast... and she believed us!

So why did the chicken jump in front of our dirt bike? Dunno, ask Mum, it was her chicken.

The clip of the month is this pretty amazing footage showing what happens when you put two of the worlds best dirt bike and rally car racers together in an outback air strip. Ken Block vs Ricky Carmichael.

New Pages

  • I've added another couple of famous dirt bike riders to the list.. you may of heard of Ricky Carmichael?!

  • And while you're at it take a peek into Chad Reed's amazing life.

  • I headed to Taupo (New Zealand) to watch the finals of the 2009 FIM Junior World MX Championship. Find out what happened here.

  • I've added yet more MX tracks and dirt bike parks to the U.K, N.Z and Australian directories. Remember if you know of a good track, maybe your local, be sure to put it up where everyone can see it in the directory. It's easy, just fill out the form at the bottom of the appropriate page. World Directory.

  • The Two Stroke vs Four Stroke pages are heating up with comments and opinions flooding in from around the world! Get in there and have your say. This is good stuff.

  • The Future of Two Strokes page has received its regular, two new exciting entries. If you're not reading this stuff by Tim Hickox - you're missing out!

Here are some highlights of what's been happening on my News Page...

  • Ken De Dycker wins the MX1 round at the GP Limburg, the Grand Prix of Belgium.

  • Chad Reed and Christophe Pourcel take out wins at Unadilla - check out the highlights on video here.

  • The AMA announces the members of Team USA for the 2009 Motocross of Nations.

So that's me, September dawns on us tomorrow and with it brings still more interesting dirt bike related pictures, news, discussions and the new 2010 models on dirt bike-tips-and-pics.com. So be sure to check back in and lap it up. Remember if you have any pics of you and your mates, send 'em in to me on my Dirt Bike Pics Page. Till next month...

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