A Dirt Bike Is A Dirt Bike But I Prefer Two's

by Dylan
(Mesa, Az, USA)

Two strokes are better because they are lighter, easier to work on, cheaper in parts and in my opinion have better handling traits. I love how two strokes coast into turns rather than use the ever so slightly nowadays decompression braking.

It seems that I am able to move around on the bike and shift it around in the air easier. Also dunes, baha, track, ramps, or whatever you want to do.. the two stroke will crank up and tackle any obstacle in its path (using proper maintenance procedures of course).

My current bike is a 2003 Cr 250 and I will not be selling it any time soon. However I do love this bike, I also love the thumpers. I would love a new 450 this year to have the best of both worlds.

At the end of the day a dirt bike is a dirt bike and I enjoy riding all of them.

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