Advice Wanted For Getting Into The Dirt Bike Industry

by Robert Baker

Is there any way you could give me a tip on getting into the business? All I want to do is ride, and be around riders and I just don't know any jobs out there for me. It's kinda depressing knowing I won't be really happy with my job.


- Sure Robert. You face the same problem millions of people around the world face every day and I can completely relate to you.. to the point that I may just write a book on it one day, or create another website ;)

If you've come to realize you're not going to get paid for your insane riding skills there are still other avenues you can pursue. Here are a few ideas..

  • Work for a bike shop - Mechanic? Sales? Accountant?

  • How about a dirt bike mag? They have loads of various jobs involved in putting their mags together. Find your local one and pester them.

  • Motocross photography? Are you good behind a lens?

Introduce yourself to the people running these places and sell them on how your particular skills could help. Offer to assist them on weekends if they don't have a position for you. If they like your attitude they might just say yes.. then down the track you might land a sweet job with them. Who knows?

Another way to look at your situation (which is what I've done) is to think of how you can get more riding done through a job (that is unrelated) that allows you the time and money to do so. Yea the job may not be editor of Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine but you still get to spend plenty of spare time riding and mixing with other riders.

The road to 'the perfect lifestyle' isn't an easy one which is why most people never find it. But if you really want it and you're prepared to think outside the square a little (or a lot) then you have a much better chance of finding it and walking it (or in our case, riding it!).

I love this quote by Henry David Thoreau: "If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours."

Take action Robert. Brainstorm until you come up with a list of ideas and possibilities. Then choose something, chase it and don't give up.

Hayden -

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