The Garage Manual Affiliate Program For Dirt Bike / Motocross Related Websites

Join The Garage Manual Affiliate Program and earn commissions on sales generated from your dirt bike, enduro or motocross related website!

The Garage Manual is an eBook digital download mostly focused on how to maintain your dirt bike. It also shares helpful information on fitness, basic riding tips, and includes maintenance charts, screensavers, desktop backgrounds and a training program complete with videos developed for riders. The Garage Manual is packed with 'how to' photos to make everything easy to understand and implement.

Since launching in July 2011 The Garage Manual has been met with a positive response and happy customers. Now you can share in the profits. Getting started in the affiliate program is easy and very quick to set up. Once you implement the tracking link into your website you can expect to..

  • Earn 50% commissions for every sale you generate. Most other dirt bike affiliate programs offer about 5% commissions on any sales you produce. This means the customer has to spend about $100 for you to make $5. Whereas The Garage Manual sells for $14.95 - do the math!
  • Receive 6 MONTH tracking cookies. Forget about other programs that only offer 14 day tracking.
  • Track your earnings through your own E-junkie account and know exactly how much money you have made for each month.
  • Be paid on time the following month directly into your paypal account.

Who can join the program? Anyone with a quality dirt bike related website that generates traffic. You have the potential to generate sales within days.

What does it cost? It's free.

How do I know how many sales I've generated and how much I'll be paid? You can track your earnings through your E-junkie account which you will need to set up.

When and how do I get paid? You will be paid after the 20th of the following month for the previous months sales. This will be paid directly into your paypal account. If you haven't set up a paypal account, it's very easy to do and free.

How do I get started? Click here to Join The Garage Manual Affiliate Program.

To gain a better understanding of how your E-junkie account works Click Here.

Once you have signed up to the program through E-junkie Email Me with your name and website and I will send you a free copy of The Garage Manual so you can become familiar with it.

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Get The Basics RIGHT! And Watch Your Bike Skills & Enjoyment Increase. Over 800 Copies Purchased & Growing..  The Dirt Bike Garage Manual

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