After Riding A Two Stroke Everything Else Seems Tame

by Austin Anderson
(Anchorage, AK, USA)

Two strokes provide an unbeatable seat of you pants thrill that nothing else can compare to. They allow you to be genuinely shit-your-pants terrified in every gear, but for some reason you are unable to stop. Hitting the powerband on a two stroke is comparable to being strapped to a rocket. Everything requires more finesse and control even if it's just a simple trail ride. 4-stroke thumpers are boring and predictable, I once swapped with a buddy and rode his thumper and instantly thought "Why am I riding this boring machine?"

To put it simply.. "It aint goin fast without mixed gas"

- Austin - You're so right about the feeling of riding a two stroke and hitting the powerband. It's just sooo much fun!

I compare the difference between 2's and 4's to surfing.. Depending on your style and what you want to get out of it you can ride a mal / long board or a short board. Both boards are used to ride waves effectively, and both boards have their advantages and disadvantages (esp. in different conditions). Some people prefer the easier to ride, smooth flowing long board whereas others want the thrill and challenge of riding a short board which are far more maneuverable and snappy once mastered but more difficult to learn on.

The funny thing is, in the world of surfing there is no debate whatsoever about which boards are best! They are what they are. And they are both produced, without restrictions or corporate influence, for the masses to purchase and ride for fun.

Imagine if the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) announced that surfers could only compete on certain types of boards that they had approved..? How ludicrous would that be? What do you think the response would be considering there has never been such a rule in surfing - you can ride any type of board you like in competition (within the categories of long boards and short boards). There would be an outrage and it would probably kill the concept of competition surfing as it would conflict with the free-spirited people who are surfers.

In surfing it's pretty simple really.. the best rider on his/her board of choice - unrestricted. FULL STOP. I think the AMA could learn from this.

Hayden -

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